Wed Ap 26. [26 April 1911] Rain. At 5.30 Temp 34 Bar 26.7. Off at 6, Hakh 8-10. The kas has left and the new one was not there, but I saw the nuns and gave them tips. Melkeh is said to have been the couse of the robbery so I did not ask for him nor tip him. Heshterik 11.30. There is a church here of a later date, ruined. Lunch 12.25-12.50. Bahwan 1.10. Arnas to L 1.30, Bate 2. Salah 2.35-3.30 in streaming rain. We rode quickly to Habsenas and got there at 4 in streaming rain and wind. Saw a town on a hill top but did not go because of rain. Bar 26.45. Very stormy night.

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