Wed Feb 1. [1 February 1905] Very cold and rainy. Went to the Haram where I photographed the capitals of the Byzantine columns in the Aksa which are very beautiful. Then to the Turkish school where the govt. museum is. I called yesterday on Prof. Dalmann of the Deutsches Arch‰ologisches Institut and saw his little collection - and his Turkey which is the friend of man. Dropped in to Domian's and found my cook, Mikha'el es Salaa who seems a promising man. He said he had travelled with Lord Sykes so I went straight off to Mark Sykes to ask him. Found them lunching and lunched with them. He says Mikha'il is a very trustworthy brave man but a bad cook. On this I decided to take him. Went down to Domian's where I settled with Micha'el for £10 a month and £12[?] if I keep him less than 3 months. Bought a 10 roped tent for 160 frcs and threw my tente d'abri in for a reduction of 20 frcs. Walked up with Mikha'el to the hotel where he looked through my things and settled everything in 1/2 an hour. In the morning I had called on Jerassimo and got a cheque for £50 cashed. Called on Mrs Dickson where I found the Sykes and they came back with me. Mme Yacowlew [i.e. Yacovlew] called. It is rather tiresome that the govt are sending down masses of redifs to 'Amman and thence by rail to Ma'an. No one knows whether to Yemen or to help Ibn Rashid but at any rate the country is full of soldiers and the English are looked on with a very unfavourable eye. I hope by going as far north as Salt to avoid them. Mr Dunn dined and we talked all the evening. Mrs Bent seems to be making mischief.

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