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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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1 entry, paper

Sat 29. [29 April 1905] Went down the coast about an hour and
pitched camp in a heavenly place under the castle of Korgoz
[Corycus] on a strip of grass under trees. The road is just behind me
edged by a wall of rock cut tombs on one of which is a warrior cut in
relief. I rode off at 6.30 with Mahmud and the old man who owns
Fattuh's kadish, but when we had gone half an hour we came upon a
series of great churches and I stopped and measured two of them
before lunch. I rode into my camp for lunch, then went back and did
the other 2 churches and so in to tea at 5. The Armenian castle on its
island (Kiz Kale) is out in the sea just opposite to me. I bathed and
explored the big castle which has a little chapel in the middle of it.
Then returned to find my note book missing so I jumped onto my
horse in an awful agitation and rode off with Mahmud to look for it.
Thank Heaven we found it at the last church. The 4 churches are set
on the old road which is bordered on either side with sarcophagi,
most of them inscribed. They nearly all have a cross upon them.
They have great monastic buildings round. All the work, masonry and
decoration, very poor and bad. No inscriptions. Dined out of doors
under the trees. Peace reigns.

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