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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Fri 28. [28 February 1902] Printed photographs most of the morning
with Evelyn and then walked up to see a tumulus that is being
excavated by a party of half starved Albanians and a very talkative
gypsy - Sckerji by name. The Albanians come here for the winter and
are brought over by a leader who pays their expenses gives them £5
at the end of their time. He feeds them exclusively on bread in
consequence of wh. they are half starved. Mr VL [Van Lennep] pays
them 12 piastres a day. He offered them an extra half franc[?] but they
begged for food instead. Mr VL has 20,000 acres of which 5000 are
under cultivation. He has villages of Yuruks and {Tatarjis} on his
farm, gypsies, Turks, Greeks and Tatargis in his village. The
Tatargis are wood cutters and heathens. The Yuruks are divided into
many tribes, Sanjaklis, Tekelis, Araplis, Barhans[?], Topchas,
Chibuis etc; they are by nature nomads and are governed in the tribal
system by Beys. The Tekelis are the most important. The Araplis
Topchas Chibuis are a semitic race, the others Turkomans. They
have a rotation of crops, the land lying fallow every 3rd year. The
plan is that the villager does the labour with Mr VL's animals and
implements and he gives them 1/4 of the produce per man. Printed
after lunch and walked up to the {tumulus} tepe near the house where
we gathered lots of anemones of all colours and then photographed
in the village, after which we developed. M. Bari went to Smyrna
[Izmir] to fetch the children in the afternoon. Played patiences after

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