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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Ramsay, W.M.

38.2299819, 31.000469

Wed May 1 [1 May 1907] Off at 6 and rode round the foot of the hill to
near Gelendos [Gelendost]. Here I found the fountain SW of Yaka of
which Ramsay spoke and spent near 2 hours over the Latin
inscription. Not very satisfactory as half the stone is covered by the
upright stone of the fountain. However I got something. Caught up the
baggage and Fattuh near Afshar about 11.30 and rode on quickly to
Chalty where I lunched at 12.30. We stayed till 2 when the baggage
came in sight and then rode on to Tokmajik where we found a
camping ground by the fountain below the village. The fountains in
the village are full of old stones, some worked, one a double column,
but no inscriptions. The presence of the stones is accounted for by
the fact that there is a large tract below the town on which there have
been buildings. I saw one stone worked into a sort of pediment.
There is a similar stone built into the wall of the mosque. On top of a
little tell near by are also traces of building. They talk of a kala on top
of the hill opposite the village. There is no road round the edge of the
lake under Ak D. [Ak Dag] hence this long dÈtour. One can get round
on foot but not riding.

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