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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Tues Ap 30. [30 April 1907] Off at 6 with all the camp. I rode on with a
new zaptieh, Mahmud. Crossed the bridge where the govt fishings
are carried on and up into the hills E of the lake by a new road as yet
unfinished. The baggage horses fell hopelessly behind owing to one
have tumbled into the lake. I speedily left the road and went down
nearly to the lake by very rough hilly paths to see Surkunjak but found
no inscriptions there. Then up, crossed the new road and went to
Kalinkhrsi[?] which is a ruined site of some size. No village here. I
found two churches. So onto the road again (which speedily came to
an end and about 12 caught up the baggage horses and Fattuh just
outside Sary Idris. I stopped under some trees by a stream to lunch
and we then rode on to the village and bought eggs. The katurjis had
already been there for corn as it was clear we should not reach Yaka
that night. So down the valley where we presently came upon the
road again with some 40 men working at it, or rather cooking and
eating - at the other end there had been about 5 men and a few boys
at work. They make no allowance for the mt streams which run across
the road and which in consequence wash away parts of the work as
soon as it is finished. So we came down onto the plain by the edge of
the lake and camped under the first Seljuk Khan. There is a mill near
it, a delicious spot. The {mules} baggage horses had been some 8
to 9 hours on the way - nearer 9. I have the Aghasun D opposite my
tent and have just bathed in the lake.

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