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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Thurs 11 Ap [11 April 1907] Off at 7.15 after an agitating hunt for one of
my stirrups and some discussion over the bill. Delicious ride of 21/2
hours along in n foot of hill to Priene (Samson Kalessi) where I lodged
in Weigand's house which also belongs to the Sokia [Sˆke] hotelja, a
charming place. The hotelji wanted to come himself but I took only his
little boy and sent him back with 2 of the horses after lunch. Went up to
the ruins with a Greek. Magnificent place. The town climbs the hill in
terrace after terrace and lies below one spread out like a map with the
broad flooded Maeander [B¸y¸k Menderes] valley beyond and
opposite the low hill of Miletus rising to the north towards Besh
Parmak [Besparmak Dagi]. The theatre quite lovely. The temple
stands up on a high terrace. Went up to the Demeter temple and so
on up to the Acropolis by a winding path cut in the face of the rock, in
many places a rock hewn stair. Splendid view, the summit crowned
on 3 sides by walls. We came down to the N outside the city wall.
Lunched and went up to the town again. The approach through the
great city wall most impressive. Photographed the ekklesiasterion
and wandered up and down the great paved streets. A charming
fountain under the theatre and seats on either side of the main street.
The fragments of carving seemed better worked than those at
Magnesia. An interesting church near the theatre with an ambone.
Altogether a most satisfactory site. Back to the hotel where I had tea
and read and wrote on the balcony.

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