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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Ramsay, W.M.

37.439586, 33.164415

Friday May 31 [31 May 1907] We had over 50 men today and worked
all day clearing 10 which we finished. We found 4 of the jars.
Mahmud, R [Ramsay]'s new man, a Roumelian Turk, says that in his
country such jars with funnels are used for baking. They light the fire
inside and blow through the funnel. 3 of our jars have funnels, one
appears to be just a store jar. There are signs of the blackening of
fire inside the one we emptied. If this is so they must have been put in
after the church had ceased to be used as a church. All the work
inside is very poor, capitals on pilasters miserable. I make 14 sides
inside and the door in the middle opposite the apse. R and I went up
in the morning to trace the rude wall along the sides of the plateau S of
10. We went up as far as Lady R's church 23 which is a tiny chapel 21
ft long including the narthex. Quite ruined. The two lintels of the church
and the narthex are decorated with the ribbon moulding and a cross
above it; in a circle. A large building of big rooms to the N of it,
possibly a monastery. We saw several traces of rude cutting in the
rocks to let in the stones for the rude wall. It seems to go on high
above the chapel to the very top of the slope below the hills. This
makes the site of the ancient town very large. Probably the upper part
was never built over but was left open fields. The round basin at the
lower NE end of the W town looks like an old crater. The stream
course seems to come down into it and end there. Possibly it forms a
kind of lake in winter. The sides of it seem to have been defended by
walls in terraces. After tea the Father of Corn came for R and showed
him a sarcoph. with a Roman inscription. R. also found traces of an
aqueduct near the town, the water coming from a spring in the glen
which Louis has seen. The F of C brought a lamp found in a sarcoph
with other objects. Fattuh has gone to Karaman [(Laranda)] today
with Haidar to buy a donkey. At 8 they had not returned.

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