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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her father, Sir Hugh Bell

In which Bell writes from London thanking her Father for sending her money and describing her recent activities, which include a trip to the theatre to see a performance by the French actor Benoît-Constant Coquelin and a meeting with Mary Talbot at the New Gallery. She adds that she has been invited to stay at Worcester by Louise Hume Creighton and that she will be attending a lecture with Flora Russell later that day.
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Bell, Sir Thomas Hugh Lowthian
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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Creighton, Louise
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1 letter, paper

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95 Sloane Street Dearest Father. Thank you very much for the money you sent me. I think your family has treated you rather badly of late - we none of us seem to have been writing to you. Wasn't it a comfort that the Coquelin thing turned out so well after all. We did not re-telegraph to Mrs Green or to Amy Hutchinson, so they were not there. Forbes Robertson had made other engagements on getting our first telegram so he was not there either, for all of which we were sorry. Mrs Creighton came to the door in Mrs Ward's carriage and was drawn in (not in the carriage!) and made to stop; I think she liked it and indeed it was most interesting. I think that it will prove a great success because Coquelin's part is so good and has such possibilities that one will go to see him act it, but Shakespeare's Catherine has almost disappeared - she has become absorbed in Petruchio. I always think that the play itself is horrid, certainly horrid to read, I have never seen it acted, but Coquelin's reading was so good that one forgot everything else. Do you hear that he says the G....... has never been ......... so Mother has sent him Eau D........
Mrs Creighton asked me to stay with her at Worcester some time this autumn. I should like to very much, though I don't think Mother really approves. You see she doesn't like Mr Creighton and she is afraid that I may be influenced by him. I don't think it is the least likely however, I am not that kind of person and I have seen too many folk to be engulphed [sic] in Mr Creighton's personality.

On Wednesday morning I met Mary at the New Gallery which we looked at together and went home with her to lunch. They were all very friendly, I like them so much, they are such nice simple people. Mrs. Talbot asked when my Mother would be at home and regretted that she could not come this [page missing?]

V... Beringer[?], that is why she is not writing a letter to you. I am just going to lunch with the A. Russells and on to my lecture with Flora.

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