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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her father, Sir Hugh Bell

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Bell, Sir Thomas Hugh Lowthian
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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Balfour, Frank
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1 letter, paper
Iraq ยป Baghdad

33.315241, 44.3660671

Baghdad Sep 8 Dearest Father. A word to say that a blessed mail has just brought me your letters of July 10 and 18, Mother's of July 11 and Elsa's of July 6 with an enchanting enclosure from Bridget which I will answer next week - the mail is just going. Thank you for M.'s [Maurice] letter. I quite agree with you that if he is not urgently needed he had much better come back to his own work where he is and will be needed very much.
I should say that the American Asiatic Asso. is likely to be tosh and I wouldn't have any truck with it.

I'm so sorry about Th.... Keene - I feared he was spinning a bad cotton.

Thank you for sending me a statement of my financial position! I spend rather more here as I have a whole household to maintain, but I will endeavour to economise as much as possible.

I'm so glad you are going to Scotland for a bit. Please tell Mother she was more than right not to send a photograph to those damned newspaper people. You may also tell all publishers that I shall write no book about my experiences here.

Goodbye dearest. I'm better. Your affectionate daughter Gertrude.

Captain Balfour has arrived - he seems very nice. We've also got a Mr Lyall, a cousin of Charles. I like him too.

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