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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her father, Sir Hugh Bell

In which Bell writes from Leeds describing a trip to the circus and her activities with her brother, Maurice, and her cousin, Horace Marshall.
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Bell, Sir Thomas Hugh Lowthian
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 letter, paper
England ยป Leeds

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Highfield Nov. 23. 1874 My dearest Papa, On Saturday we went to a Circus; first there was a young lady dancing on the tightrope we thought it very pretty but Horace liked the clowns best. There was a clown who said to the Circus Master "let us play at hide and seek." So the clown had an apple and first the clowns hid it and then it was found by the Circus Master, and then the Circus Master hid it; then the clown hid it in a capital place, he began eating it up. The Circus Master could not find it anywhere until the clown pointed down his throat. At the Circus a little boy climbed up a ladder and got on to a swing and swung himself across the circus into the arms of his father turning in the air. There was a lad who turned a somersault and fired off two pistols.
I hope Grandmama's ankle is better. I have not time to write another letter so this must do for you and Grandmama.

We were all singing in the nursery while we were undressing, then Maurice after he had done singing said "Now all tlear[?] away to heaven, Nana and Niny and Gertrude and Horace." We had tea with the little tea things last night and Maurice pretended he was a country gentleman and told us he killed foxes and tigers. Maurice said he killed a fox in a trap once. Then Uncle Tom said, "that was as bad as killing a baby," then Maurice said "I did kill a baby oneth." Then Uncle Tom said we must have you up to be hanged, but Maurice said "It was a baby foxth" Maurice sends his love and kisses and so do I. Twelve each. Your affectionate little girl Gertrude.

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