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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her stepmother, Florence Bell

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Gertrude Bell
Lady Florence Bell
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Palazzo Gritti Monday Dearest Mother. Mrs Green has not turned up yet, if the gods answer my prayers, she will not appear until the end of the week! It's warmer today and still - quite agreeable. We went out this morning to see Carpaccios, took our camera and photographed Marco Polo's doorway to the great interest of the inhabitants of his house, who cleared away their washing to give us a good view of his carved archway with a little cross let in above. I hope the photograph will be a success - it was awfully interesting to see his house. Madame Wiel showed it to us yesterday. She is the most delightful companion in Venice [Venezia] - she showed us the house where Aldus set up his printing machine and heaps of interesting things. She knows every corner of Venice and is a great dear besides. We are to spend the afternoon with her on Wednesday. Papa is going to a smoking party at Mr Brown's tonight after dinner. I expect he will be amused, Mr Brown is delightful. I wish I might go, but I'm afraid it is only men. Mr Brown showed us all sorts of interesting Stevenson things yesterday - particularly a little paper book of poems, with all the Stevenson grace about them, written at Davos and printed by Lloyd Osbourne in his own printing press there. I enjoyed our luncheon very much.
Will you tell the Ritchies that we found the Pauls and the Cloughs in the visitors book here - it's funny we should have pitched on the same house to stay in! But I don't wonder it has a reputation for it's most comfortable.

Please tell Lizzie on consideration I wd rather she made my satin petticoat on a cotton foundation, not silk (if she has not already got the silk.) It's really just as nice and much cheaper.

I've got Street, please thank Elsa for it. Ever your affectionate daughter Gertrude

My Parlatrice is a great success - she comes every day.

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