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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her stepmother, Florence Bell

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Gertrude Bell
Lady Florence Bell
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Sunday 95 Sloane Street. Dearest Mother. I enjoyed the Mansfield St dinner very much - the Stephen Massingberds were there, the Grosvenors, Miss Stanley, Admiral Maxse (who took me in to dinner) 2 Hugh Smiths, Billy and Mr Stirling. It was very merry. I went on afterwards to Lady Jeune's with Aunt Maisie and Margaret and there also I was amused. There were many little friends - the usual frequenters of parties. I don't like, no I don't like Lady Morpeth and I won't go and see her! No one has any business to be so sticky. As for him, he's a dear. I met Mrs Green and she was most friendly, so I imagine she is not offended. Admiral Maxse told me an absurd story (he didn't mean it to be absurd) of his taking all the Daudets to see Meredith. Daudet, as you know is a paralytic and Meredith's stone deaf and speaks very little French. It seems however that all this wd not have proved a bar to "intellectual conversation" (the phrase is the Admiral's) if it had not been for the fact that Marie Meredith - whoever she may be - wouldn't rise to the height of the occasion and talked nothing but chiffons!
I called on Mrs Grenfell, Lady Arthur and Mrs Crackanthorpe today; found Mrs C. alone and had a long talk with her.

My Pundit brought back my poems yesterday - he is really pleased with them. I asked him if he thought they were worth doing and he replied that indeed he did. He is full of offers of assistance and wants to read all that I have done, which from a busy man is, I think, the best proof that he likes what he has seen. Arabic flies along - I shall soon be able to read the Arabian Nights for fun.

The children have come back and seem to have had a most successful day. Elsa is none the worst.

It has been colder these two days than anything I have ever felt except a tramontana at Florence [Firenze]. Your affectionate daughter Gertrude

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