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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her stepmother, Dame Florence Bell

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Bell, Dame Florence Eveleen Eleanore
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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Rice, Cecil Spring
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1 letter plus envelope, paper
Iraq ยป Basra

30.5257657, 47.773797

Basrah [Basrah, Al (Basra)] Feb 3 Dearest Mother. I must send you a hurried line to thank you for your two delightful letters of Dec 27 and Jan 3, just come, also Father for a long letter of Dec 27. You are the best of correspondents. Your account of all your doings fill me with admiration and dismay. I don't see how any human being can get through so much. The diminished rly service must be a great additional aggravation to you both. We don't really feel the discomforts of war as you do, there's no doubt of it. I had a long letter from F.S.R. [Florence Spring Rice] this week. She tells me of C.'s [Cecil Spring Rice[?]] letter to America [following 3 sentences heavily deleted] which me [sic] so furious I can't speak of it! He ought to be interned[?] as a traitor, evil is what he is. ...... people ....... ..... ..... of ..... thinking there is no forgiveness for them, and I shall never forget or[?] forgive what he has done and what he has left undone. The telegrams tonight tell of the reception of the submarine programme in the U.S. I feel we've reached the last lap of the war. If Germany commands the seas we lose - that's what it comes to; if she doesn't we've won. But I don't see how the issue can be delayed for very long. One feels inclined to say "Anything for an end" but if it were to end against us it would be unbearable.
It's so late - I must go to bed. I spent a couple of hours attending a prize giving at the new Govt. School in Basrah - a comforting and encouraging sight.

It's delicious weather, mild and heavenly, but a thick mist again today after sunrise when I was riding. Ever your very affectionate daughter Gertrude

Aren't you overwhelmingly tired? You have been splendid.

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