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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her stepmother, Dame Florence Bell

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Bell, Dame Florence Eveleen Eleanore
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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Richmond, Herbert
Malcolm, Ian
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1 letter plus envelope, paper

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Boulogne Nov 27 Dearest Mother. We are going to move into a better, and oddly enough cheaper hotel - the Mearice. Will you address my letters there please, Hotel Mearice, Rue Victor Hugo. Ian Malcolm has been here today and very pleasant. He goes to Paris tomorrow. He says Harold Russell was awfully bad and Flora isn't much good, but I think Diana is very capable indeed. She exchanges with Flora next week, for 10 days. It's a tremendous business. We have 4 men to do our enquiries at the hospitals, very nice and pleasant to work with. Their names are Durell, Waterhouse, Dove and Young. Yes and there's another but I misremember his name. Lord R. Cecil came today but went straight up to headquarters. I expect we shall see him tomorrow. Ethel Bonham has taken her brother home. He has had a narrow escape. In the evening after 6 I sometimes go in to one of the big hospitals and talk to the men. It's immensely interesting to hear their tales. They fulminate against German ferocity to the civil population. They love telling about trenches and Jack Johnsons and all they did. There are a good many Germans, to whom I talk. Our men are exceedingly good and kind to them and try to cheer them - as far as they can with no common language. I generally go for a walk by the sea from 8.30 to 9 AM - it's the only time I have. We lunch in a tiny restaurant with soldiers of all sorts and kinds and the oddest world. Everybody takes everybody else for granted. Incidentally it's amusing being in France, though I don't see much of France - it's so plastered over with English army here. Tell Father to let me know any news. I hear little. Ever your affectionate daughter Gertrude

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