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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her father, Sir Hugh Bell

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Bell, Sir Thomas Hugh Lowthian
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 letter, paper

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Rosenlaui Sunday Dearest Father. I came over here yesterday morning walking over the Scheidegg, a most delicious hot day. Yseult Grant Duff met me on the top of the pass and walked down with me; a little lower we came on Lady Monkswell who was also on the look out for me so we all came back to lunch together. There are a tremendous lot of people here - all the Colliers and all the Grant Duffs (including dear Arthur!) and today arrived a sister of Lady Monkswell's, Lady O'Malley, with 2 girls and a boy. Poor old Sir Mountstuart - I sit by him at dinner - rather goes to one's heart; he's so very infirm and blind and uralt. It's terrible when one's body dies before one's mind. This morning I started out at 5.30 to well Ulrich calls it examining the movement of rocks, it means that you go up and see if a stone falls on you and if it doesn't you know you can go up that way. It's a new ascent of the Wetterhorn - a mad scheme I'm inclined to think, but still we'll see how it goes. We went up the steep slopes and up rocks and under a glacier fall, where I examined the movement of a stone on my knee - fortunately a small one, but it hurt for it fell from a long way up - and then we hastily turned back. However on examination we thought we could get up another way and we intend to try it seriously. But tonight it is raining furiously so we have wisely postponed our expedition. I don't much mind as I have some photographs to develop which will keep me employed.
It's ever so long since I heard from any of you. Perhaps there's a letter for me in Grindelwald which will be forwarded to me. The last letter I had from Mother, I opened the envelope with eager interest and found inside a note to Aunt Bessie; which was fortunately not private but was without any interest to me! It was a cruel blow. I forwarded it to her.

Now I'm going to bed. Ever your affectionate daughter Gertrude

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