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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her father, Sir Hugh Bell

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Bell, Sir Thomas Hugh Lowthian
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 letter, paper

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Rosenlaui Tuesday. Dearest Father. I telegraphed to you today that you may know I am whole and sound. My toes are still rather painful. Still I managed the hour's walk up yesterday without much discomfort. I feel a little slack but quite well. I am staying here 2 days to rest and propose to leave on Thursday and if possible come home via Bruges [Brugge] to see the exhibition. I must see how trains go - also I am dreadfully poor! so I shan't go if it's an expensive journey. The Cunninghams are here and an enormous party of Monkswell relations. I do wonder what has happened about the Bodleys! what a bore that they are in the north. I'm so enchanted to hear that He has come!
I have got Cook's letter and the copy of the Times for which thank you. Won't it be fun! I quite agree that we had better not be too captious about berths.

My two guides have got rather frostbitten fingers. I have left them at Innertkirchen to recover. I have a letter from Lord Lovelace saying that he has called a peak after me in the Dolomites!

I'm afraid I shall have to stop in London a day or two as I must see Field on my way, but I hope to be home early next week.

I wonder how Grandpapa is enjoying Mount Grace! Ever your very affectionate daughter Gertrude

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