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Letter from Gertrude Bell to her father, Sir Hugh Bell

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Bell, Sir Thomas Hugh Lowthian
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 letter, paper

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Kurhaus Rosenlaui, Berner Oberland Wednesday. Dearest Father. I will spend a spare ½ hour in supplementing my card of this morning. We have walked up here a couple of hours or so from the top of the rope railway that takes you up to the Reichenbach. It is a most beautiful valley and I am enchanted with this inn which is quite ideal, on the edge of a stream among pine woods with the Rosenlaui glacier tumbling down in front. I think I may very likely come up here later for a day or two in order to do some small difficult rocky peaks on the left of the glacier. Tonight I sleep at the Dossenhütte, a new hut not bewirtschaftet about 4 hours from here high up on the glacier. We are going up there directly after lunch. We've lost no time in getting up into alps, have we! I have Fuhrer with me and a younger brother of his, Heinrich, also a guide. He seems as nice and civil as the elder brother and I think I shall do very well with them. Fuhrer was up the Finsteraarhorn yesterday and says the snow is in fine order. We have a great plan of doing it up a new arête which has not been done before. We shall probably try that next if the good weather lasts. They have had a great deal of rain and snow lately so with good luck I may just come in for a fine spell. It's perfectly enchanting to be among mountains again.
I missed my connection at Lucerne [Luzern] yesterday and had to wait 2 hours and take a slow train which reached Meiringen at 9.30. Heinrich Fuhrer met me there and took me to my inn. I didn't much mind the wait at Lucerne for I walked out and had chocolate and bought some maps I wanted. I could have got my train but for my luggage which they wd only register to Lucerne in London so that I had no time to get it out and reregistered. I ought to have registered it to Basle [Basel] and then straight to Meiringen from there - I'll know another time.

I met Lily Grant Duff walking down the path with a young man as I came up. She was going to lunch in the woods. I shall probably see her party if I come back, which I shall like. It's rather nice tumbling onto people one knows. Tell Moll - oh no, you won't see her - but I was going to say tell her Lily looked very pretty in her big hat and mountain clothes. Dear, dear! I shall be so footsore tonight! one's feet are like butter the first day or two. I wonder if you are going to Caroline today.

Now I must lunch which I feel most ready to do. I wish you were in this charming place. It wd be a good place to come to. It's much the loveliest Alpine inn I have seen. Ever your affectionate daughter Gertrude

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