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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

41.0082376, 28.9783589

Sat 20. [20 May 1905] The train left at 5 - when I got up at 4 or so it was
sunrise here. It may have been 4.30. The line makes some sort of a
bend at Eski Sheher [Eskisehir (Dorylaeum)] for we went out of the
station the same way we had come in. We must have turned round
the low hill behind the town last night but as it was dark I did not notice.
All this country cultivated and we lost almost at once the
characteristics of the plateau and ran down into the fertile coast
region. An absolutely different country and climate, moist and muggy,
less hot however than yesterday. Wild roses and blue flags all out,
very lovely gorges then by valleys between low bare hills, the valleys
full of poppy, corn, mulberry and vine. At 1.30 got to Ismid [Izmit
(Kocaeli, Nicomedia)] where I had 1/2 an hour to eat a very good
lunch. Then 41/2 hours along the bay reaching Haidar Pasha
[Haydarpasa] at 6.20. A Kavass met me and brought me telegrams
saying Father was recovered and letters from him and Hugo. The
boat left after 7. Sunset behind the domes and minarets Seraglio
Point in shadow but Santa Sofia lighted. Queer feeling of coming into
the centre of the web of which I had been testing the meshes and to
the high water mark of all the ebbs and flows of civilization I have
seen. Went to the Pera Palace but cd not get in so to the Continental
where I dined and went to bed.

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