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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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1 entry, paper

Fri 12. [12 May 1905] Rode down to Binbirklisse and spent the day
there. Horrid place and very hot. Photographed every church.
Found in one the great font still in situ in the baptistery. Very bad water
which I did not drink. So at 3 finished and rode back up the hill.
Delicious to get back into flowering shrubs and our[?] cooler air.
Finished my inscription and made a general plan of the town. Dined
out of doors and decided to stay another day. We found we could
buy a hen from the sheikh - there were 4 in the whole village. I found
him saying his prayers as I came home - with his face turned W which
must be wrong.

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