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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Wed 19. [19 April 1905] Up at 6.30, very hot day. The Police Effendi
and another took me round to copy lots of inscriptions, many of which
were in very dark houses and most of them upside down. There were
2 mosaic pavements, one in the open, a fragment, and a very big one
in a house. It had a long inscription and possibly belonged to a
church. There was a mosque too, formerly a church of the Budrum
pattern but the work as far as I cd judge less good. At ten I set off with
Mikhail and a soldier called Khalil. We had to make an immense
detour to the N to avoid floods and get to bridges. After 2 hours Khalil
announced that the mules had gone wrong and I sent him on to look
for them. Meantime Mikhail and I went a little out of the way to a
village to the S where I lunched amid sympathetic Turks. It was 1. We
rode on to the Bridge village Chuhur[?] Koprusu, where we met Khalil.
No news of the baggage and I sent him off S to look for it while we
waited under some apricot trees by the rushing Sonbuz[?] Chai. After
21/2 hours, 5 o'clock, he came back still newsless. We held a council
with some of the delightful villagers (one talked a little Arabic) and I
resolved to go on. We cantered across the plain to Hajiler where we
crossed a marshy stream by a bridge (3/4 of an hour) and then turned
S following the line of an acqueduct [sic]. The plain all under water.
So at 6.30 we reached the great rock of Anavarza. It looked most
wonderful in the sunset with its crown of towers and the double line of
the city wall stretching out below it. We rode through the N gate - no
mules. Fortunately there was a little guard house in the middle of the
ruins and here I resolved to spend the night. There were 2 soldiers,
who swept out an empty room for me and brought me milk and leben.
I also has Kaminitz's box of sardines and some bread. So I spread
my felt on the floor and slept in spite of mosquitoes. But it was

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