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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

36.1968031, 36.1612344

Mon 10. [10 April 1905] Bathed before breakfast. Delicious mists on
the great hills. A woman called Kymet, talking English, came down
from Kabuse to see me bringing me a present of milk. She hails from
'Aintab and much regrets that she ever left it. She says the people
here are robbers all and she cannot educate her children. Her father
turned Muslim when she was a child and took a Muslim wife. His wife,
her mother, refused ever to take him back. She wants to go to Cyprus,
Egypt or America. Photographed in the Gariz and wrote letters in a
tomb nearby. After lunch photographed an inscription in the Gariz; on
the headland at the mouth of it are many remains Query[?] Seleucus's
tomb here? Measured and planned the big cave of tombs and took
notes of the lotus decorations. Back to tea and rode out to see the
old port. The walls round it are pretty clear and the site itself silted up
is quite visible. Cd not quite make out where the entrance was. There
are also 2 jetties near my camp enclosing a small port, just below the
headland and the great rock with a cave in it. This chamber is
supported by 4 square rock cut columns. Bathed and wrote letters.
Glorious cloudless evening, the sun setting into the sea and afterglow.

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