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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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1 entry, paper

Mon Feb 2. [2 February 1903] Up at 7, breakfast at 7.30,
photographed our palace and sallied forth. A telegram arrived from
the Resident, forwarded from Muttra [Mathura]. It said: There is no DB
at Dig. We laughed much. The doctor showed us exhaustively over
the palaces. They are more simply, therefore better, furnished than
most. The Commandant of the Fort showed us that. Much ruined,
used as a prison. Suraj Mull's lovely palace all neglected and ruined.
They have a festival at Dig in August when all the people are
admitted into the palace gardens. The king sits on his throne in front
of his pavilion under a marble arch. Near this is a black throne which
was looted from Delhi. Our fellow guests are called Bellew. We saw
the hospital which is in an old palace. The dispensary was funny;
there were large bottles labelled Spleen Mixture, Liver Mixture,
Rheumatism Mixture etc. We breakfasted at 9.30 and started at 10.15.
The drive home seemed long with tired horses. Got in near 2,
lunched and had a great business to get a cab to take us to the
station. Consequently I could not go to the Museum, which bored me.
One arrived just in time. Off at 4 - wrote letters in the train. Tea at
Huthras where H [Hugo] captured our left luggage most skilfully.
Dinner at [space left blank] 9.30 and so to bed.

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