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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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1 entry, paper

Sunday 25 [25 January 1903] Delicious morning, cold and not quite
clear but the weather improving. H. [Hugo] made a vain attempt at
church and came back and we went out together to the town to get a
photograph. Breakfasted at 9.30 and off at 10.15. A native gentleman
of distinction shared our tonga - I had perceived him breakfasting in
the pantry. We believe it was he who asked us for papers last night
and sent us in The Field and Truth. He was a merchant from Bombay
- he exchanged cards with H - his was a circular printed envelope.
We had no adventures except that we locked wheels with a bullock
wagon, were near run over by a Bactrian camel and that our 4th relay
ran away before we got in and afterwards one of the horses broke its
bit and they went off hell for leather for a mile. Fortunately an
impassible barrier of bullocks, and an Afridi, stopped them. Got in at
3.30 and went down to the town to photograph. Saw the Kabuli Manzil
where all the Afghan Caravans come in - full of Bactrian camels.
There is a little platform in the middle arranged for prayers - an open
air mosque with a washing place at the edge of it. H went to church
and I washed my hair - the first time since Bombay! .....

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