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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Chirol, Valentine
India ยป Mumbai

19.0759837, 72.8776559

Fri. 12. [12 December 1902] Still rough but land in sight. We got
inside Kolabu Point about 10 and anchored. As soon as the Agents
came on board had a telegram from Mr Chirol and a letter from Arthur.
Lunched at 12 and got off at 1 on a launch. Mr Robertson introduced
me to Colonel Oliver who was on the quay. He took us in hand and
brought us to our hotel, the Great Western where we found ourselves
comfortably lodged. Met our servant Pir Muhammad who seems all
that cd be wished. Drove out to the bank and to do some shopping. It
all seems quite familiar, the bullock carts and the crows and the cast
marks and the Gothic architecture and the open spaces and the bad
shops full of nasty things. About 80? to 85? in the shade, not
oppressively hot. Our luggage did not come till near 7 and then not all
of it. Dined with Mr Robertson and the Dundases at the Yacht Club an
enchanting cool place. Col and Mrs Oliver and the Gascoynes also
dining there. Talked to them a little after dinner. Very windy on the
harbour side. When we came away we drove out under the moon to
the marine lines under the walls of the Hindu burning ghat where the
trees were lighted with a bright Death Fire. In the road beneath one
Hindu was teaching another to ride the bicycle.

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