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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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1 entry, paper

Sat 2. [2 August 1902] At 4, I cd read my watch and we started off. At
first we cd scarcely stand. The glacier ever so easy and we turned
the seracs. Had some water on the Unteraar Glacier, having had
nothing to drink since the first night, and some chocolate. About 6
unroped - 48 hours on the rope. As we walked down the stones I saw
the figures of my guides wherever I looked and they heard cow bells.
It streamed. Got to Grimsel soon after 10 and was welcomed by Mr
Colin Campbell with a Thank God. Went to bed and eat 4 eggs and
drank quantities of milk. My feet frost bitten a little. Slept till 7, then
dined and slept again. A S.A. doctor passed through and wrapped
up my guides' feet and hands in cotton wool. Frau Liesegang did the
same by me.

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