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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell with pressed flower

Diary entry containing pinned pressed flower.

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry plus pressed flower, paper and organic material

46.7251614, 8.1909081

Mon. 14. [14 July 1902] The weather did not look very settled so we
decided not to go to Grimsel. Left the hotel at 7.20 and went up the
Ochsenthal path to the foot of the Rosenlaui Stock, then traversed
over the grass slopes to below the Ochsensattel and so over the foot
of the NW arete of King's Peak and breakfasted by the smooth
couloir which leads up between King's Peak and the Princes
10.10-10.40. I had on Klettershuh for the first time and found them
delightful. Crossing the couloir, we followed up the arete to the gap on
the N side of King's Peak and then turning to the right we went straight
up the arete to the top of the first Prince 10.10. The summit was so
small that only 2 of us cd sit on it. It took us 50 minutes to reach the top
of the second. We went up a very rotten couloir which led to the N of it.
Fine view of King's Peak and the Frog Mountain. We got back to the
breakfast place at 1.10 and lunched and to the hotel at 3.50. Gathered
lots of Columbine on the way down.

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