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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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Sun. 6. [6 April 1902] Started off at 9.15 and rode up to the Beit es Sitt
and so all along the hill to 'Esfia ['Isfiya] where I met a Druze who
showed me the path to Daliah [Daliyat el Karmil]. Went down a
delicious gorge with corn and olives in it to a deep valley full of corn
and climbed up a steep hill to Dahliah. Put my horse in the house (I
think) of Sheikh Ahmed and went off to see L. Oliphant's house where I
drank coffee with the old guardian and his wife and much painted
daughter. A lovely Druze girl took me there. From the house you look
down a valley to the sea. Then went to see the monument to Alice
Oliphant now enclosed in a Druze courtyard. Then to the Sheikh's
house where I eat bread and leban and talked to the Druzes. So
home by the well and up the hill and down into the Athlit ['Atlit] road.
Here another Druze showed me the way into the Khureibeh road -
(Kherbet Attesy?) from whence I found my way straight down the hill to
Haifa. Some Arab tents. Got in at 6.30. After dinner developed
photographs and talked to Dora's mother and her 2 brothers who
came to see me. Also the Bp's chaplain - the English cleric.

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