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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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1 entry, paper

Sat 26. [26 April 1902] Off at 6.15 with a man for a guide and rode up to
Mt Tabor [Tabor, Mt] over the tops of the hills. Then down into a
valley full of corn. The view across this valley onto Tabor with
Daburieh [Dabburiya] at its foot and the plain and Little Hermon
[Sheikh, Jebel esh] behind is most exquisite. I got to the Latin
convent at 8.30 and stayed till 10.30. A Dutch brother took me round
and showed me the ruins of the Crusader church and fort - lovely view
of Hermon. There are also foundations of Helena's building and a
little apse which is supposed to belong to a Greek chapel. Beyond in
the garden they have found endless foundations of houses wh may
have been houses for soldiers and lots of rock cut tombs wine
presses and cisterns wh. belong to Jewish times. They gave me a
lunch of an omelet salad, cheese bread and butter and oranges, after
which I talked to the charming old Pere and so off. We rode down
Tabor by the same road. Then struck across to the W across a
rolling country, first sparse oaks, then some corn and many Bedouin.
Past two fine ruined Khans. When we came in sight of Kafr Sebt I
dismissed our guide and rode on down the valley to the Wady Ahma.
Lots of Bedouin with flocks and camels. Here we missed our way
and had to come back over the top of the hill where we struck the
path. Exquisite view of the Lake, Tiberias and the steep E shores.
Rode down the hill and got in at 3. Nice little hotel. The town is walled
and no houses may be built outside the walls. Palm trees sticking up
and white mosques. It is mostly inhabited by Jews. Had tea and
washed after which Rashid Nassar turned up and walked out with me
through the town. My hotel is near the fort at the N end. Went to see
Najib Nassur's wife, and called on Mrs Suitor. Also had a talk with Dr
Torrance about Lydia. Very sleepy and tired.

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