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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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1 entry, paper

Fri. 28. [28 March 1902] An off day. It rained a little in the morning, I
printed photographs and did Arabic. At lunch the daughter of the
Armenian engineer of the Vilayet the daughter of the Pasha at Haifa,
and the latter's Syrian secretary came up and we had long talks. At
1.30 I rode out all along the top of Carmel towards Dalieh [Daliyat el
Karmil] which I failed to reach, but I saw the ruins of Dubl on the hill top
beyond. Gathered tulips. Lovely exquisite views over the Plain of
Jezreel [Yizre'el, 'Emeq] and the bay with Aleka in the middle of it and
towards the W across the plain to Athlit ['Atlit]. Mount Carmel is all
stretching hills and valleys, an endless network all much the same,
but very beautiful especially towards sunset when the level light
shows every curve of the ground. Saw on my way back the ruins of
Rushmia. Mr Benjamin Thomas appeared at dinner with 3 Americans
from the Beyrout [Beyrouth (Beirut)] college. Pleasant people.

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