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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Gertrude Bell
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Mon 24. [24 March 1902] Got off about 11.30. Lots of passengers
came on board for Limasol [Limassol] and some for Beyrout
[Beyrouth (Beirut)]. Among these 2 nice old Americans whom we
have christened Mr Dooly and Mr Hinnessy. (Mr H.'s name is
Killalea.) They come from Chicago and are very pleasant Mr Dooly
told me how bad things were in Cyprus - the people are ground down
to pay the £92,000 to the Turkish govt and are absolutely starving.
They all say that though the English govt is just and good it is too
expensive for them - the native saleries [sic] were cut down by half
lately but the saleries of English officials are unchanged. It's good to
have justice and equity, but you can do without even these better than
without your daily bread. They are having a great rumpus now over
the election of the Archbp. The election is entirely on party grounds.
The anti English candidate has been elected and his election
cancelled by us and they are now in the thick of another. Their desire
is to be united to Crete [Kriti], wh wd indeed, I think, be a good plan for
the island is no use to us since we have backed out of Syria and it
has not even a decent port. At 2.30 we reached Limasol and went on
shore. Amusing seeing the Cyprus police and our own Tommies. I
believe there are 2 men and 3 officers here. Mr Paton and I went to
the post office, walked about the town and found a bar where we had
tea and biscuits for 1/ - everything is absurdly cheap. Then out of the
town through some cornfields - very hot bright sun, the fig trees
budding. Back at 5. After dinner played Bridge with our 2 friends and
then the Demon. They play against each other for cents. They are
like 2 delightful old maids. Went to bed at 11. This advertisement in
Limasol Tailor to the perfect fit.

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