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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Whittall, Edward

38.470982, 27.21769

Tues 18. [18 March 1902] Up at 5 and off to Ephesus with Mr and Mrs
Edward, their 4 daughters 2 Maltas girls, Helen and Arthur Whittall and
a daughter in law of Mrs Edward. She Mrs E is a very nice kind
woman. Drove to the Point. Talked to Mr E. nearly all the way of
England's attitude to her foreign settlements - he says he thinks a
great change is beginning and already they feel themselves being
protected, to their immense advantage. At Ephesus he and I took
poneys [sic] after we had had some tea and rode up to St Paul's
prison which is the end tower of the walls of Lysimachus - magnificent
Greek fortifications in the best style stretch from here all along the top
of the Coressus - dressed stone without mortar much in the style of the
Colophon walls. Gateways made like this [sketch] and many towers.
We walked halfway along this wall - magnificent view over Ephesus
and the sea - and then scrambled down to the port and rode back to
Karpouza's where we lunched. Kitchener's brother was there.
Played Bridge and Patience all the way home and got to Bournabat
[Bornova] at 6.30. I found a charming yellow frittillary on the hill and
the curly leaves of the red tulip. Mr Edward came in in the evening.

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