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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Sat 5. [5 March 1898] Up at 6. Very cold. Watched the Sampans and
all the bundled up little Japs in them. Fires lighted in some of them.
After breakfast the Admiral Mr M. [Mainwaring] Mr de R. [de Rutzen] M
[Maurice] and I jumped into a Sampan and rowed to shore. I was
elected honorary member of the Club. Mr M. helped me out of the
boat and welcomed me to Japan. Grey, very cold, snow. Got into
rickshaws and trotted off to the post office. Great fun, with a little blue
man in a mushroom hat bobbing in front. Then to the Grand Hotel
where we got very comfortable rooms, mine looking out on the bay.
Hired a rickshaw at 2/ for the day and drove to Tama..... in the Benten
Dori where I arranged about my camera; then various shoppings, a
cleaner etc, back to the inn. Unpacked and lunched. Off to Tokio
[Tokyo] by train. K..... planks of wooden ...... on the platform. Through
a screen landscape, pines rice fields, bamboos and Japs in wadded
clothes. Women with babies on their backs under big paper
umbrellas. Drove round leaving our letters, then to Kwankoba, a big
bazaar and back to Yokohama at 5. Tokio is enormous. European
quarter opposite the Palace moat, then endless Jap streets of shops
with little people seated on clean matting warming their hands and
feet at braziers. I conversed with my kuromaya about the weather in
Jap! The Admiral ordered off to his ship, left by the Rio. After dinner
the P. [Pessimist] came in and sat talking till near 11.

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