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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

47.2692124, 11.4041024

Mon. 3. [3 September 1894] Breakfasted at 6 and caught the morning
train to Thaur. Walked up through the fields, thick with dew - the
village people were coming out into the fields with their hoes and
scythes and their dinner in their handkerchiefs. Through Thaur, past
the Wahlfahrt's Kirche and up a long long wood by a tedious winding
road. At length we came out on an amphitheatre of Alps and saw the
Kaiser S‰ule in front of us. Breakfasted at a J‰ger H¸tte on rolls and
cheese etc and a delicious bowl of milk which we lapped with
spoons! On to the S‰ule and then home all along the face of the hill -
a long and hottish walk. The fringed gentians growing all the way.
Elsa and I missed the road down the Klamm and scrabbled down the
hillside tant bien que mal, landing at last over the back wall of the
Electric Co. - to the great amusement of the Co! However we were in
at 2.15 long before the others, lunched, washed and went to bed - I
slept 21/2 hours having wakened at 2.30 that morning. Swift in the

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