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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Fri. March 6 [6 March 1914] She sent her 'abdeh in the morning with a gift of leben and a warning not to speak too much of my departure. Ali al Hamud sent word as T. [Turkiyyeh] had told me, to invite me to a garden at an hour after noon. I went and found him and his elder brother M. or rather I found first a number of small boys, sons of various Suhhans, and also Mit'ab's son, all dressed in Indian brocades (the Zabun), and gold embroidered farmaliyyehs and white khaffas woven with many colours. Next came the two Hamud boys with Sa'id al Muhammad the euneuch and Muhammad ibn Shomar[?] who was once wahil in Dam. [Dimashq (Damascus, Esh Sham, Damas)] and a party who afterwards proved to be the Hayyil [Hail] doctor (he said he wd like to go to Beyrout [Beyrouth (Beirut)] to study). The boys hung up their abbas and swords and we all sat on carpets in the garden house and drank tea and coffe and eat fruits and sweets. I then expressed my wishes with regard to the money and my journey and was met with polite refusals until the arrival of the bashir. We then all walked about the garden, the small children walking solemnly in their long brilliant robes. The two elder boys talked a little; the younger 'Ali has a merry boyish face unlike all the other solemn countenances. I asked them what they did and one of the abds replied that they sat in state reception all the morning as became shaikhs. We then sat down again and drank more tea and coffee till near the 'asr, when I rose and went. Sa'id al M. came with me and I again expressed my wishes. He and Muham. ibn Shomar came to us after prayers and I talked to them again. When they left they told M. al M. [Muhammad al Ma'rawi] that I would not leave till the bashir arrived. The camels came in with Sayyif and the old 'Abdullah who had been pasturing them. After dinner Sa'id and Muhammad came back with the money and full permission to go when I liked. So all had ended well!

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