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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Thurs. March 5. [5 March 1914] Negotiations as to my departure
continue. M. al M. [Muhammad al Ma'rawi] went to Hamud this
morning and he is to see Ibrahim. Meantime the camels have not yet
come. Mudi sent a jariyyub with apologies and excuses and hopes
that when the Amir returned I wd visit them by day. I replied with
salaams that I was leaving. Fellah suggested that if I wanted money I
should sell him! The supply of slaves is small nowadays. They
come from Mecca [Makkah] and Jeddah [Jiddah (Jedda)]. A good
slave girl used to be bought for 200 reals, now you cannot buy a bad
one for 500 says A slave boy, his mother and small sister
fetched a thousand reals. After dinner came Turkiyyeh and I told her
of all my difficulties. She is married to 'Ubaid al Gharamil who is
brother to the standard bearer of the Hajj. M. al Rashid gave her a
house and married her to 'Ubaid 2 years before his death. 'Ubaid
divorced his wife and has not taken another except when he was 6
years away with Abd al Aziz in Qasim he married a woman there and
divorced her before he left and Turkiyyeh never saw her. She and the
daughter by the first wife and a slave girl live alone in the house. She
is very happy except that of the 7 children she has had 6 died at birth
and one a year after. She has been 19 years married and boasts of
its being a long time, whereas other women have been married and
divorced many times. There was a rumour that Fatima wd send for
me, but T. said it was untrue.

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