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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Sat. Feb 7. [7 February 1914] We got off at 6.18. The ground became better and better till under the Anfad it was a regular garden. The large purple flowered weed Khazameh, and a quantity of the small flowered (white to purple) Terbeh. Of trees Jeraifeh with small dull purple flowers and pea-like pods; the Arfej, yellow flowered and with an aromatic smell; the 'Irfa, a leafless broom like plant, and the small flat leafed dhammah with a pale small mauve flower almost like sorrel. At 6.45 I got bearings of the N face of the Anfad and the E. face of the Jraniyyat. We turned round the eastern end of the Anfad and saw a nugrah with the Qlaib al Musawid in the middle of it. At its SE end the 2 flat topped hills Mugharawain and behind them the J. al Tfaihah which were about 2 miles to the E of us at 9.23 and curved back away from us. The Anfad stretch a long way to the S in broken tells. I took bearings on the S. tell at 9.23 and at 12.10 and of the whole E. face at 1.20. At 11.10 and at 1.20 I got bearings on Umkur al Haujah[?]; at 11.10 on the W. end of Mlaih 1 and at 1.20 on Barud al Mlaih. The other bearings on Anfad are all the NE tell, 148? at 6.45. Before we rounded the Anfad Ghadi met a camel rider who told us that Audeh with the returning ghazzu was just ahead and further on there were Arabs of the W. Sulaiman camping. (These are the Awajeh, a part of the Fed'an who are also seated about Homs [Hims] and Hama [Hamah].) Masuid reported that he had seen two hajun riders with a kasb camel - but of the rest of the raid we saw nothing. They wd not come back together but wd split and separate with their kasb. Nor have we seen the Awajeh. After the rich 'aishb we rode over a barren stretch - the trees not green - and then coming again to trees and aishb camped at 2 o'clock. Sa'id when he buys camels pays half in money and half in hudum. He will take with him all he can collect, 400 to £800, not all his own I gather. A very cold SE wind all day. Last night I said I must take a rafiq of the Beni Ma'az which created great mirth, the Father of Goats, Salim, rolling with laughter. The Sherarat children and the sluggah dog haunt our camp for food.

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