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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Fri. Feb. 20 [20 February 1914] Last night Mhailam was agitated
because there was a ferij of Shammar tents near us - we had seen the
herdsmen and we did not know who they were. He went out into the
dark and cried Oh watchers! whoever is hungry let him come to
dinner! With us is Mhailam of the Sanad[?]. We go in peace.
Whoever is hungry let him come and eat." But none came. In the
morning M al M [Muhammad al Ma'rawi] rode up to their tents and
brought back butter. The Shammar stayed behind today. I tipped
them. But the brother Dafi came on with us, whereat Mhailam and F.
[Fattuh] were much agitated, said he was khalawi and might rise up in
the night, take a camel and some of our goods and be gone. I know
not. But I tipped him and sent him back poor soul. We came down
into the jellad which was full of shajar, brukkan which is very like arfej,
girdi and others. Also of flights of twittering birds like sparrows,
Shaiman. On the sandstone floor water pools were lying. We turned
down to one at 7.30 and watered the camels. At 7.13 about a mile
from us, bearing 130?, is the jelul of 'Awaid, masdud as I related
above by the W. Sulaiman. At 9.10 I got the whole of the Friddat. At
10.15 the {Misma} Habran pass {over} to which we {had come} were
going was 82. At 10.25 the Habran thulla Umm al Darub was 79? and
the {Friddat 219-240} S. end of the Habran range 127?. At 12.7 the
Friddat were 219-240, the Misma [Misma, Jibal] pass from which we
had come 266? and the central saddle of Misma 250. At 12.13 Umm al
Darub was 64? (we passed under it at 12.45) and our forward bearing
88?. At 12.45 back to Misma pass 266 and forward 82. We climbed
up the sand which lies against the blackened sandstone crags and
saw at 12.49, a cup between the thullan below us with khabras lying in
it. At 1.33 I took a bearing on a big thulla 65?. It is the northernmost of
the ridge which lies behind the West ridge of Habran. The bearing of
this whole ridge from my camp was 50.118, 50 being the N end of this
thulla. We came into camp under the W. ridge at 2 with abundance of
ma'ashy[?]. The sun was hot for the last hour but after we camped I
found the ther. only 64?. It may be 1-11/2 miles from the W. to the E.
ridge where we are camped. A ferij of Shammar lies opposite us with
2 tents of Shammar from near Mosul [Mawsil, Al] whom my men
recognized by their white sheep.

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