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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Fri. Feb 13 [13 February 1914] It froze hard in the night and was cloudy all day. The 3 rafiqs had come back bringing with them 'Awwad ibn Habrun of the Awajeh, for they said they dared not go on, fearing the Shammar because they had not given tidings of Audeh Abu Tayy's raid. Musuid also feared because he was in the Howaitat tents and wd be accused of having given information as to the Shammar camping grounds. So we took 'Awwad, at a mej. a day; the others came on with us to our camp where I paid them and they went away. Musuid 11/2 mej. a day (I might have got him for 1) Zayyid 1 mej. a day and 8 for clothes, Hamid ditto, and Dahir 8 mej. all told. They had been with us 5 days - very dear terms. We rode over very high ground; the bar at 8 was 26.5 and it fell to 26.45. At 9.15 we saw Helwan [Halwan] and at 9.30 I got bearings onto Irnan, Haza'ib, Zebuch, Helwan and Bird. Also onto the ta's above Haizan [Bir Hayzan]; it is called Zebran. Just before we came into camp we passed a ga'r which was an almost perfect horseshoe, but lower on one side than on the other; and we are camped in a place which is in 2 stages of ga'r, one above the other on the intervening platform. They are a wide irregular horseshoe. Ibn Rashid is reported to have sent a large convoy to fetch the goods (arms?) which have come from the Ott. Govt. to Madain [Mada'in Salih]. They are said to be watering today at Haizan, hence the fear of the rafiqs. 'Abdullah ibn al Jullul conveys them. The rafiqs came back this morning in new clothes which they had bought from a merchant whom they found in the Awajeh camp. M. al M. [Muhammad al Ma'rawi] knows him; he comes originally from Meshed [Najaf, An] and his name is Sadiq abu al 'Ajineh. There was a good deal of nusi' today, besides subat, alga, hammat, 'vita and alanda. 'Ali says ...... Allah. F. [Fattuh] to Abu Q. Taht 'amrak. Abu Q Layla! istaghfir allah! al 'amr hillah. Ma fi 'asur ghair lillah.

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