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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Andrae, Walter
Iraq ยป Assur

33.223191, 43.679291

Wed Ap 5 [5 April 1911] Talked and photographed with panorama in
morning. At lunch we discussed for long the origin of the liwan. They
have got a liwan here, probably later, on top of temple wall, looking
east. The liwan is the gate, originally where the king transacted all
business. It is the khilani Look up Singirli. Achaemenid palaces not
found in old Assyria, the room is always closed. Introduced avowedly
on Hittite models, but so far not found at Boghaz Keui [Bogazkale
(Hattusas)] except of course in gate. Reappears in Sassanian times,
either singly or with a closed room behind, and so passes to Arab.
After lunch went out and saw Jordan signing the teskerehs; then
photographed the paying of the men and had tea with Andrae.
Looked through his coloured photographs again. Assyrian pottery -
tiles with lotus like ornament. They have one fragment from across
the river, probably Sassanian, with a long sort of dragon like the Brit.
Mus. pot. Cf the dragon on the wall of Hatra [Hadr, Al]. After dinner
photographed by artificial light.

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