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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Sun Ap 30. [30 April 1911] At 6 Temp 54 Bar 28.2. Off at 6.45 after
photographing the exquisite wooden doors of the mosque above my
camp - it has all been plastered out of knowledge and rebuilt - and
planned the little tiled kubbeh higher up the river, later, no doubt than
the 15th c and except for the tiles not interesting. We rode up the
Tigris. Zeriyyeh 7.25, Zaghora 8.5, Kepraf, largely rock cut 9.10. After
passing through this village we turned up the valley to the R at 9.30
and rode NW to Serkahni (Kurdish for Ras el 'Ain and the spring
seemed to rise near here) which we reached at 9.55. Then NNW to
Maimuniyyeh which lay to the left on the slope of the hills. The valley
about 4/5 [four fifths] mile wide here and full of corn fields. We got
there at 10.40 but the caravan must have been at least 10 min. behind.
It lies at the top of the rise and the valley now dropped a very little
and we rode on NNW till 10.45 when we turned NNE and almost at
once came out into a wide shallow corn valley with the hills of Deir el
Kira beyond. We got to Bledur at 11.5 and to Kerjeli at 12.45 under the
slope of the hill. A big house of Hussein Agha here. Lunched from
12.55-1.25 and got to the Deir at 1.40 with the caravan which had come
straight across the plain skipping Bledur. Clouds blew over and it
was presently much colder. The deir is of the Deir el 'Amr plan, but
there is no date nor any sign of old work. However I planned it. The
Rais was very anxious to give me my corn; it was as well I did not
accept for he had none. One of the monks (they are Jacobites) told
me that things were undoubtedly better since the last 2 years but great
difficulties arise over questions of conversion in either direction.
However he had no doubt that difficulties were sent them because of
their sins.

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