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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Sat 21. [21 January 1911] Went out to see my horses and muleteers.
Then to Saleim Tabit's where I met Ali Pasha and we interviewed
Sheikh Bassan about my journey. Lunched with Mr Dewey and Mrs
Naville and Mr Hillelson in the bazaar and then photographed in the
library. After which Mr H. and I called on the Greek Cath. abp of the
Hauran, Nicolai Kadi, a cousin of the abp in Aleppo [Halab]. It was he
who persuaded Yahya to give himself up and he takes great credit for
the same, saying he saved all their lives, but Selim Tabet tells me he
gave Yahya much too great assurances which it was impossible for
Sami to carry out. 1400 Druzes have been enlisted and have gone to
Beyrout [Beyrouth (Beirut)]. Then to tea with the Mackinnons where I
met Capt Murphy. He read me Forders account of the Kerak [Karak]
business. The Mujelli in Kerak were afraid of the registration for
taxation and enlistment and appealed to the Mujelli outside. They
persuaded the Mutesarrif to send 600 of his 1200 soldiers in little
parties into the desert to register the Arabs. These were all cut up
and the Mujelli took the town. Mr F. reckoned the Turkish losses at
800. One of the Beni Sakhr sheikhs protected the Xians and only 8
were killed. Dined with Selim Tabet who denied that there was much
permanent anti English feeling. He says it is impossible to believe
one word since we did not keep our engagement to evacuate Egypt.
He believes that there was a plan to murder all the Christians in 1909
and that it emanated from the palace.

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