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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Thurs June 3. [3 June 1909] Walked round the top of the walls with
Thomas Effendi from the Kharput Gate to the Mardin Gate then down
and into the great chamber S of that gate and then outside as far as
the Yeni Kapu. The other 3 gates are all of the Edessa-Cairo pattern,
with 2 big round bastions and a quite simple moulded doorway. In the
Aleppo gate there were 2 doors[?] - perhaps 3. There are also a few
posterns. The 2 main streets cross the city from the 4 gates. The
oldest part of the walls is from the Aleppo gate to the river where all
the bastions are round. The great inscribed bastions are certainly
later - they have stalactite work on the top - and from this point most of
the towers are square. The interior arches and domes and vaults are
everywhere of brick. Fine shallow domes in the chambers in the old
round bastions. The Yeni Kapu over the river is quite a different
pattern, with one square bastion on the E side. After I had come in
Mrs Thomas came to see me and also Hajji 'Adleh, I. Pasha's
second wife, a fine determined looking woman. She came to ask my
help for the sons and brought with her a bright eyed Xian servant, the
only one of their servants who had not deserted them. Khansa
Khatun, the chief wife is with the tribe. She is reported to be a very
able woman. The Milleh are nearly blotted out. After lunch walked
down to the citadel, photographed the arch of the Serai with its curious
relief and inscrip. (I do not think the latter is Arabic) and took
photographs from the top of the mound. All the work of the citadel
seems to belong to the Arab period. Went to see Mrs Thomas and to
tea with the Wards.

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