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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Hogarth, D.G.

34.802075, 38.996815

Friday Feb 19. [19 February 1909] Wind and rain in the night. [Arabic
characters] as Fattuh says. At 8 it cleared a little and I sent off men to
dig out the stones between here and Kubbeh. At the first place there
was no inscrip. on the black stone and on the white only a much
effaced relief so I copied the other black fragment and went on to the
lion. We dug him out and found only his legs in relief and no
inscription. Rode then with Muhammad Agha and his brother
'Abed[?], both Kurds of Kubbeh, to Mughara where there was nothing
and on to some caves further down the river. Before we got to them
there were remains of some construction in fine white cut stones -
Roman, I wonder if it can have been a bridge? Near it a number of
graves from which the peasants said they got glass and gold rings. I
saw 2 broken sarcophagi, quite plain, that they had got out of the
ground. The caves were uninteresting; one had a cross incised over
the door. So on to Tell Kara Kazak which Kiepert calls Kyrk Kazak. At
the foot of it remains of buildings, cut stones and massive door jambs.
So back through storms of rain. In the graveyard of Kubbeh I copied
a Latin inscription. Got in at 2.15 and lunched. After which I finished up
some photographs here and wrote to Mr Hogarth. Wind and rain.

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