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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Thurs Feb 18. [18 February 1909] Worked from 8 to 12 at the
inscriptions. Ibrahim and 'Isa learnt to make rubbings and did the job
very well. We gave innocent pleasure to a large company of
observers. There are 5 stones. No 1, outside the hole, has a
continuous inscription of 2 sides running over the rounded corner, and
on the other small side the hind leg of a bull. Nos 2, 3 and 4 are inside
the hole. No 2 has a bull over an ornament of flowing volutes. On
another side a largish inscrip. which Mr H. saw, and a small much
worn fragment on a third side. No 3 is inscribed continuously on 2
sides, the writing running over the rounded corner. On a third side are
the legs and upturned shoes of a man one of whose feet rests on the
head of an animal, and on a 4th a fragment of inscription. No 4 is only
a fragment with a bit of inscrip. on one side - all the other sides are
broken. No 5 is outside the hole. It has an inscrip. on one side
running over the corner and a bit of an arm on the other. In the village I
saw: A black stone with 2 men in relief, turned up shoes, part of a
procession. A white stone with 2 griffins one on either side of a tree. A
black stone with a bird headed, winged man. After lunch
photographed and copied the new part of No 3 and turned over the
stones. Then rode with Ibrahim and Muhammad, a native of Kubbeh,
down the river and saw 2 Hittite stones, one a small fragment, one a
large stone upside down, and a mound with a black stone lion's head
lying broken off on it and his body buried and said to be inscribed.
This we must dig out. Hard day's work.

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