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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
Creation Date
Extent and medium
1 entry, paper

36.2021047, 37.1342603

Sun Feb 14. [14 February 1909] Packed all morning with intervals of
seeing Zakiyyeh, Tajir etc. Lunched with M. Roqueferrier - there were
there Mr Longworth, M. Scanziani of the Ott. Bank, Henriez who is very
nice, Rouflard, Henri Marcopoli, and M. Ballit I suppose a dragoman.
The lunch lasted exactly 3 hours and was pretty dull. Mme Koch and I
went and came away together. There is a charming minaret by the
Bab el Faraj with a Cufic inscrip. round. Watched Fattuh pack, then
called on the HindiÈs and the Kochs. He was up but looking very ill.
Home to dine and talk with Mr Beard of the Liquorice Co. (there is
another young man whose name I don't know) and Col. Bailward.

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