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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Wed Feb 10. [10 February 1909] Mr Mygin came to see me at 9.
Then with Mme Koch, M. Roqueferrier and M. Rouflard to the Firdus.
There are some very interesting caps in the Medresseh of Melek ez
Zaher, quite classical in form, but the decoration early Islam leaves -
very Sassanian - with dots down stalk and leaf like Ibn Tulun. I think
them the same date as the ruined minaret by Bab Antaki. We saw a
number of Turbehs, mosques and Medressehs and so back by the
Bab Makam on which there is a blazon(?) consisting of a dish with a
whorl or sun on it. So past the beautiful little Jamiet et Tawarki. Some
of the caps on the outside are an Arab imitation of the blown acanthus.
Lunched with Mme Koch. Then came Fattuh about horses. Then I
went with Jusef to the Jamiet el Helawiyyeh which was a church. The
dome still remains but it is as it stands late, pendentives, tambour with
8 windows and calotte. Some beautiful caps and an acanthus frieze
inside. Some of the caps blown acanthus of the date I shd think of
Kal'at Sim'an. Then to the bank and to the Maropolis. I photographed
Andre's Hittite stones, walked about on the roof of the bazaars,
photographed the window of Khan es Sabun and then saw all
Georges's Rakha - some very lovely. He has too a very interesting
silver repoussÈ dish, the figures covered with gold. Twice repeated
Christ giving the sacrament to the people. An inscription round.
Hamid Beg came to see me.

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