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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

Reference code
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
Creation Date
Extent and medium
1 entry, paper

Sat 30. [30 January 1909] We reached Jaffa [Tel Aviv-Yafo (Joppa)]
at 6 and stayed there all day. Read Sarhan. A Frenchman on board
who has lived much in C'ple [Istanbul (Constantinople)], a boisterous
little merchant. He thinks German influence is gone forever, believes
that the French and we have it all our own way. Says it was Said
Pasha who finally forced the Sultan's hand, not Izzet. Izzet Mrs Oglilvy
told me chartered his ship in the name of the English governess in his
family, Miss Bonual. She went with him, insisted on his marrying her,
he refused and they quarrelled. She is now in Paris. He left her the
ship I believe as a recompense.

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