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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Monday 20 [20 May 1907] Off at 5.45 up the W hill with 4 men. We got
out the altar stone and I measured and drew it. Then planned the
church - the narthex very irregular and curious but part of the original
plan as is shown by the absence of a NW door. It was very badly
built of smaller stones than the church and not tied in to the latter so
that it has fallen completely. The big W door wd have been better
fininshed if it had been intended for an outside door. The colour of the
W wall and the traces of plaster for fresco also showed where the
narthex wall stopped. The buildings to the S were in connexion with
the church and a passage led to the curious chamber by the apse. 2
parallel long chambers in the middle of the hill, 40 metres from the
church. 100 metres on the chapel which I next measured and
planned. A flight of steps had led up to it for the hill dropped here.
Very hot morning. Got in at 11.45 and lunched and stayed in my tents
till 1.15. An extravagant letter from the Mudir of Arik Euren [Arikˆren]. I
sent all my letters down by his messenger who set off at a sharp run.
We laughed to see the post go. I then rode up to Chat D. A strong
wind rose and there were showers at various points of the plain. The
church here was a square building with a dome like the one at Daileh.
Built of smallest stones and much ruined. No narthex as wd be
expected and the outer wall buttressed in shallow niches. Buildings
and a cistern to the S. On the top of the hill some 100 metres away, a
small cruciform chapel much ruined. My impression is that the outer
narthex here was not roofed but that the walls came out like arms.
They seemed to be finished[?] each with a low pilaster and there
were no traces of an outer door. So down and in at 5.15. I meant to
draw out my churches but find I am too tired to do anything but write
this. I am plentifully supplied with partridges (keklik) so that the lamb
still lives. And tonight even two hares.

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