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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

37.439586, 33.164415

Sunday May 19 [19 May 1907] Fattuh went off early with Hassan to
buy a lamb. They will not sell them here as the sheep would cease to
give milk. I went down to the cruciform and took a cast with great
trouble and left Abdullah to guard it all day. Came home and wrote
letters and read papers. After lunch strolled all round without seeing
much except that there is another chapel by the NE church, took off
my cast which was beautiful and then walked up the W hill on the top
of which I found a well preserved church with a stone in it that looked
like the altar. The whole roofing system plain. At the top of the walls
the barrel vaults begin of smaller stones set in a very strong mortar. A
curious chamber S of the apse outside. A monastery to the S with a
cistern. On the W side of the hill a small square very strongly built
chapel with ruined chambers S of it and S of them a small square
room built of big stones, the walls very thick like the church. The hill
was covered with black arums. I got back up in 5 and found Fattuh
who had brought a lamb home on his saddle bow. He had bought it in
a village 3 hours away - bez Zor - and paid 21/2 mejs. News of a
ruined church on the N hill, Chat Dagh, brought by Fattuh.

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